NEW! We offer Telemedicine services for Ukrainian refugees

We started from the rationale that the war is and has to remain a Rare Disease. As such, we defined within our platform a new Expertize Center through which volunteer doctors provide medical assistance to the refugees in need.

We offer Dispatch services for patients with Rare diseases

The purpose of this project is to give an extra chance to life to patients with rare diseases from Romania. We offer assistance to both patients and their families, in order to ease their sufference.

Medical services integrated on your own Mobile devices

In an era of high-speed, but which is obviously strangled by overly-aglomerated cities, the access to medical services becomes indangered. Therefore, the alternative is to transfer into the virtual space.

Mobile apps


You can find us in Google Play, searching by RiskAlert or clicking on the image below:

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Mobile apps


You can find us in App Store, or searching by RiskAlert or clicking on the image below:

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APWR schedule


  • Monday - Friday 8.00-20.00
  • Saturday 9.00-18.30
  • Sunday closed




We are here to offer emergency care to patients with rare diseases


In order to beneficiate of full assistance through this project, follow the steps below:

Flag an alert

Use either our Website or Mobile App to create an Alert.

Confirm arrival

When you reach the chosen ER location, confirm your arrival through the mobile app.

Close alert

After you've been taken into a doctor' custody, ask the doctor to close the alertfrom the mobile app.

Do you have a rare disease medical emergency? Call +40 260 610033

Patients with Rare Diseases need all the help they can get.
Choose to get involved!

Who we are and we took shape


We've met at the Challenge Accepted hackathon, organized by Scoala Informala de IT, on 09th of May 2020

Our story

Just as in many other fields of activity, in the field of public health there's a huge need for IT support. The Prader Willi association has encountered this need once with Covid pandemic appearance.

Challenge Accepted hackathon has been and keeps remaining the ideal place for such a marriage with Informatics. And this is what they initially intended.

It was also the case of the two ladies, Dorica Dan and Ramona Marincas, who came to present their idea and needs in front of the mentors and teams of programmers, sustaining their case with statistics data about the current trauma patients with rare deseases go through in the existing health system.

As you can see for yourselves, the two ladies's pitch was a success. Their arguments have convinced the audience and the project came to life with the logistic support of Scoala Informala de IT and financed by InnovX-BCR.

Our team, those who believed and got involved in this ambitious project


We are a mixed team of professionals from both Medicine and IT fields of work.


President of APWR

Dorica Dan


Manager of the care unit SJU Zalău

Ramona Marincas


Software Architect

Gelu Vac



Ciprian Stupinean


Lead Tester

Ioana Blaga



Alina Mocanu

We are aiming for the best quality services for all patients with rare diseases


The patients with rare diseases start their lives with an immense burden, which they didn't ask for. Which is why we have to help them somehow.